Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A new look

My main website is www.ransomphotos.com.  But I wanted to try to also do a photography blog.  I’m in debate as to whether or not I should maintain the website or if I should switch to the simplicity of a blog.  So for now I will try to update this as often and I can and wait to see if I like it more.  I am also hoping to use this to encourage my personal outlet as a photographer and not just the photography I do for others.

I love photography.  I love when you capture that moment, that look, that action that just makes you smile.  I have enjoyed it as a side hobby.  I’m not sure I will ever go fully “professional.”  I like that doing it when I can keeps it fun and allows me not to charge what the “professionals” do.  So here goes.  

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